Medical intervention credit

Do you need a loan for medical interventions? Cosmetic surgery or dental treatment? – Or would you like to compare special loans and the alternatives and then decide?

Our aim is to guide you to the loan offers that match your personal creditworthiness and your loan ideas. We will briefly introduce you to the special loan, with advantages and disadvantages.

Medical Intervention Loan – Dentist Or Cosmetic Surgery?

Medical Intervention Loan - Dentist Or Cosmetic Surgery?

A credit for medical interventions is required because a medical service is not covered by the health insurance. The German health care system is either about dental interventions, from the pin tooth to the dental implant, or a cosmetic surgery. In all other cases, the statutory health insurance companies cover the costs. Installment loans from the house bank, a direct bank or a special provider are suitable for the loan search.

If the credit from a house bank or direct bank is used for comparison, there is no loan that is earmarked for medical interventions. In the credit comparisons, the appropriate purpose would be a credit at your free disposal. With a special loan, it hardly matters whether the loan restores the teeth or pays the costs of the operation. The special offers for medical interventions differ somewhat.

However, the loan is usually backed by the same provider. With the online loan, the identical rate calculator was noticed during the research. Once it was highlighted in blue and once in shades of gray. The look did not change anything in terms of usability or the identical interest rates for loans for medical interventions. The offers found are completely identical in terms of the cost structure as well as the sales and application channels.

Medical credit – distribution channel and special features

Medical credit - distribution channel and special features

Special credit for the dentist bill or the bill from the cosmetic surgeon is offered on the Internet. But the actual sales run through the doctor. A small, simple flyer indicates the offer in the waiting room. Some doctors include the loan offer as a service in the treatment discussion. However, the offer can only be found at doctors who have joined the distributor.

Which shows the first difference to the alternatives. People who use credit for medical interventions from a specialist provider can only do this within the framework of the affiliated practices, clinics and laboratories. This may be negligible in some cases. However, if you want to order your crown or implant more cheaply, you will reach your limits.

The procedure for applying for a special loan no longer fully corresponds to the current standards for online credit via credit comparison. The application is currently only possible in writing by post. Another big difference between a special offer and a regular online loan is the loan payment. Approved credit is paid directly to the affiliated doctor, the clinic and the laboratory.

Who is a special medical loan for?

Who is a special medical loan for?

The need to offer loans for medical interventions arises from the medical offer of medical services outside the catalog of the health insurance companies. A class of medicine can prevent anyone who is willing and able to pay optional treatment options out of his own pocket. On the one hand, these are very rich citizens, on the other hand, citizens who are considered “creditworthy”.

A misunderstanding is inevitable. Special credit for medical purposes is not an offer of credit for people who cannot afford their own health care. Credit for medical interventions, regardless of whether it is a special loan or a normal bank loan, is only granted to people who have sufficient creditworthiness to provide credit. Access to all others remains blocked.

Special loans are no substitute for the loss of health insurance benefits without sufficient creditworthiness. In the market comparison, neither a higher nor a lower proof of creditworthiness is required than for any consumer loan from a bank. This makes the financing costs comparable and should be decisive for the choice of provider.

Credit comparison – direct bank versus special loan

Credit comparison - direct bank versus special loan

The budget of a “normal citizen” is not filled to the brim. Most can still afford an additional installment loan with an installment payment of around $ 100 a month. In view of the fact that often only an additional payment has to be made for health insurance benefits, average credit requirements can be narrowed down. It should be on the order of a small loan.

A loan of 3000 USD with a term of 36 months is used for comparison. Special credit for medical interventions shows a desired rate of 96 USD in the provider’s rate calculator. The loan calculator gives the effective annual interest rate at 8.90 percent. This results in financing costs of 456 USD. In a free loan comparison, the same numerical values ‚Äč‚Äčlead to better results.

A loan of $ 3,000, a term of 36 months, would be offered at an annual interest rate of 1.79 percent independent of creditworthiness. The comparison calculator uses this to calculate a monthly installment payment of $ 85.63. Overall, the loan costs only 82.82 USD in financing costs. Even a quick credit comparison shows a cost difference in the loan for medical interventions of 373.18 USD. Unnecessary additional costs that every solvent borrower can save.



Special credit for medical interventions is basically just a normal regular installment loan. The big difference to the alternatives is only in direct billing. It is difficult to believe whether the time or financial saving of a maximum of two online transfers actually justifies additional costs of 370 USD.

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