Loans for medical treatment: what they are and how to request them.

Whether it’s sudden or planned interventions, healthcare costs can destabilize our home budget. The solution to keep everything under control is medical loans, special loans granted to protect the health and well-being of the whole family. Let’s see what they are, how they work and the possible alternatives. See for an observation

Medical loans: passable roads

Medical loans: passable roads

Medical loans help meet a wide range of expenses. They can in fact be requested to cover health interventions, but also for aesthetic, dental and rehabilitative treatments, including assistance for the sick, disabled and elderly.

There are mainly two possibilities for obtaining medical funding:

1. Finalized loans

As the name suggests, they are bound to a specific need. The sums received must therefore be used only for that particular medical treatment, which must be indicated and documented at the time of the request. This type of financing is usually stipulated at the healthcare facility where the service is provided. In fact, there are more and more medical offices and private clinics which, thanks to agreements with financial institutions and credit institutions, offer their clients the possibility of installment payments in exchange for adequate guarantees of solvency. Given the nature of the finalized loan, the sum paid never exceeds that indicated in the estimate.

2. Loans for liquidity

They are granted by banks or financial institutions without the intervention of the medical structure. Since they are not finalized loans, they do not oblige the client to declare the reason for the request, protecting his privacy. Not only that, since the funding is released from the health intervention, there is the possibility of obtaining even higher sums than those necessary for the treatment, deciding in complete autonomy how to invest the credit obtained. This group includes loans with Spesk De Dalpo, a credit product that is more popular every day.

Assignment of the Fourthe for medical treatment: all the advantages

Assignment of the Fifth for medical treatment: all the advantages

The Cession of the Fourthe is a personal loan, at a fixed rate, reserved for employees and pensioners. Since this is an unfinished loan, it may be required to meet expenses of any kind. Its strengths make it the ideal credit instrument also for medical care coverage. It is in fact a loan:

  • Flexible : up to 75,000 USD, payable up to 10 years.
  • Always within our reach : the monthly payment never exceeds 20% of the net salary (or pension), which corresponds exactly to 1/5 of the total.
  • Practical : monthly payments are deducted directly from the pay slip.
  • Safe : includes insurance coverage against the risks of death and loss of a job.
  • Fast : the preliminary procedures are quick and the credit is granted in a short time.
  • Reserved : the only person who signs is the applicant, it is not necessary to have a guarantor.

How to request the Fourthe Assignment

How to request the Fifth Assignment

To  apply for a loan with Spesk De Dalpo, just contact a credit institution and present a few, simple documents :

  • Identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Last two pay slips (or pension slips)
  • CUD (Model ObisN for pensioners)
  • Salary certificate (or certificate of the transferable fee issued by the pension institution)

However, to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this solution, it is important to contact professionals in the sector. Loans & Financing – specializes in loans with Spesk De Dalpo and, thanks to the agreements in place with PaNet and NiPS, offering public employees and retirees the best conditions on the market, always combining seriousness and convenience. Make an appointment or request a quote without obligation to learn more!

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