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Do you need a large, adequate loan for your kitchen or do you just want to renew some appliances? Are you considering low-interest financing from the manufacturer? Or do you really want to save?

In the following, we will optionally present you with suitable kitchen loans. Find out how, as a home owner, you can finance the new kitchen at a particularly affordable price. Why the interest-free sales loan is not necessarily cheap and which offers you could take with a weaker credit rating.

Credit for the kitchen – making kitchen dreams come true

Credit for the kitchen - making kitchen dreams come true

High quality kitchens are characterized by a long service life. Quality kitchens will certainly do their job for around 20 to 30 years. In the meantime, only outdated electrical devices are exchanged. Financed with an adequate loan for the kitchen, homeowners can afford the larger investment at particularly low interest rates. They apply for a modernization loan from the bank they trust, not an ordinary installment loan.

Modernization loans are also known under the keywords “loan without land register” and “renovation loan without land register protection”. The loans are tailor-made for borrowers whose existing property has been paid for or at least largely free of encumbrances. In view of the good creditworthiness of the high-quality property, banks refrain from entering the land register without demanding noticeably higher interest rates.

Low interest rates through earmarking – modernize the kitchen

Low interest rates through earmarking - modernize the kitchen

The modernization loan becomes a credit for the kitchen thanks to its dedicated flexibility. People who make expensive kitchen dreams come true don’t do things by halves. Together with the new kitchen, the entire room and the supply lines will be renewed. So your tile decor definitely matches the kitchen, the inlets and outlets are suitable. They are new, so there is no need to fear any maintenance for the next few years.

The highlight of most modernization loans is that not only new tiles and pipes can be financed, but also the equipment. In a direct comparison of interest rates, up to half of the financing costs can be saved. On top of that, the loans are offered extremely long-term, so that small installments are also not a problem. Depending on personal creditworthiness, interest rates of less than two percent APR would currently be realistic.

Kitchen loan – interest-free manufacturer loan

Kitchen loan - interest-free manufacturer loan

Kitchen dreams come to life when couples stroll through the Republic’s many showrooms on weekends. The more beautiful and high-quality a kitchen is, the more expensive it is to buy. Just like buying a car, the finance rate for the kitchen dream is a promotionally effective offer. The parallels are clear. – After all, the prices of a quality kitchen with the best built-in appliances are not far from the price of a new car.

The information sign shows zero percent interest and the small monthly installment payment in large letters. In contrast to buying a car, kitchen buyers quickly forget that every sales price is negotiable. The real cash payment price is often considerably lower than the list price on the partial payment offer. Just like buying a car, up to 20 percent is a realistic discount for cash payers.

If the kitchen costs 10,000 USD, a cash payer can often take it home for 8,000 USD. The savings of 2,000 USD do not outweigh the interest-free financing offer. If the kitchen were financed with a loan of 10,000 USD for 48 months through a third-party offer of medium price, the loan would cost less than 800 USD in interest. Including the cash discount, the external financing would save 1,200 USD.

Kitchen credit – new look and technology at a low price

Kitchen credit - new look and technology at a low price

A new kitchen look and energy-saving electrical appliances do not automatically lead to the replacement of the entire kitchen. It is much cheaper to leave the kitchen cabinet unchanged and to replace the fronts. After replacing the cabinet doors and installing modern guide rails, the old kitchen can no longer be distinguished visually from a new one. Just replace the “old power guzzlers” and the kitchen is like new.

The right kitchen loan for such a modernization measure would be a regular small loan. Small loans are not only particularly quick and easy to approve, but are often even particularly low-interest. Most promotional offers can be found in the range of 1,000 USD to 3,000 USD small loans with a term of up to 36 months. The kitchen loan could cost around two percent or less per annum.

Bad credit – Astro Finance

Bad credit - Astro Finance

Not every prospective loan holder who can afford his or her loan for the kitchen of their choice can easily get a loan approval. Poor creditworthiness for the granting of regular bank loans can have many causes. Often, those affected cannot even do something for their difficult creditworthiness. Loan brokers are the starting point for the desire for a kitchen loan if the creditworthiness is poor.

The credit brokerage industry often knows viable solutions for problem loans, but unfortunately the reputation of the business is not necessarily good. The credit through Astro Finance proves that you can earn money with serious credit brokerage without any scandals. The loan brokerage offer includes both installment loans via banks and loan solutions from private donors.

Bank credit provides Astro Finance with its free loan comparison. In contrast to many other brokerage offers, borrowers do not cost commission to broker bank loans. Kitchen loans – in difficult cases – are easier for borrowers to get from private investors. In this case, investors and borrowers share the placement fee for a successful placement. If there is no loan for the kitchen, the loan attempt remains 100 percent free of charge.

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